Sunday, March 28, 2010


This wonderful story book was created by DANIELLE SHAFFER AND SHANNON CAMERON PICARD   for the LAND OF MAGNOLIA contest. They won Honorable Mention. Please be sure to leave them some love. It is a fantastic project!


My name is Tilda and I live in the most beautiful place in the world; The Land of Magnolia! I love it because the sun shines every day, warming everything it touches. With the most beautiful blue sky
and rarely a cloud in it, I wish everyone could spend some time here in my paradise. Each season holds so much excitement and wonder, I can't wait to tell you all about the fun we have, my best friend Edwin and I.  

Summers are always filled with endless sunshine, bright blue skies and so many colors you'd think we lived at the end of the rainbow! Once school is out for the summer, Edwin and I spend a lot of time at the pond. The pond is exactly seventy-three steps from the gate in our yard - Edwin and I counted last summer. Most days, Edwin fishes while I hunt for mushrooms. Sometimes, if it has rained, Edwin and I sneak into Grandpa Alf's garden to dig up worms for fishing. The biggest worms are always under Grandpa Alf's prized pumpkins. Other days we spend in the big field behind Edwin's house.

This year, Edwin got a new bug net and we spent lots of time trying to catch butterflies. Edwin's dog, Rufus, always barked and chased them away before we could catch any, but we sure did have fun! We’re not supposed to play in the garden. Grandpa Alf works hard each summer to grow a great big pumpkin to enter into the fall fair pumpkin competition. He hasn't won yet, but every year his pumpkins get bigger and bigger!

Fall in Magnolia is especially beautiful. The leaves turn different shades of copper, mustard and rust. I love when they fall to the ground and crunch under our boots as we walk to school each day. The fall fair is the last weekend in September and this year I am going to bake my first pie with Grandma Alva for the pie-baking contest and Edwin plans to play his guitar in the talent show. 

Winter in Magnolia brings crisp cool air and snowflakes that blanket the ground and trees like fluffy white icing. I love waking up the morning after a big snow, the limbs of the trees covered in white and the whole yard looking so clean and inviting. When the snow is fresh and sticky, Edwin and I build snowmen and make snow angels. This year we are going to build two snow forts in Edwin's field so that we can have snowball fights! Once everything has frozen over, and the snow is crisp and crackly, we practice skating on the pond. Skating is my favorite winter activity. 

Spring always brings with it a clean slate. The rain washes away the dirty snow and the puddles and brings with it the bright colors of the garden. First the crocus' pop up and then the Tulips. The air warms enough that we can shed our thick winter sweaters and put away bulky hats and mittens.
Every Spring Edwin and I decorate eggs for Easter, and Grandma Alva lets us make some chocolates for the Easter baskets. Edwin and I have to work really hard not to get dirty in the Spring! Sometimes, I forget my umbrella and we have to run home from school. Then we clamor into Grandma's house and warm up by the stove with a cup of hot cocoa. Before we know it, school is almost out and summer is upon us again. 



Only By His Grace said...

Oh my! What wonderful story tellers. Danielle and Shannon you have written a fabulous story. So discriptive and exciting. It makes a person want to live in Magnolia land. I love how you have done your pages and the images of Tilda and Edwin and coloured so beautifully. Congratulations. so well deserved.

monica said...

I loved your story--I was going along every step of the way with it. To be so carefree is wonderful!! Your pictures were great. So glad I read it!!
Hugs Monica M

Patti Jo said...

Enjoyed the trip through your Land of Magnolia Danielle and Shannon! What a wonderful place to be! Terrific job on your pictures too! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Danielle and Shannon, that was a wonderful story! Loved it so much! You really have a gift for storytelling ~ you made me "see" that beautiful place where Tilda lives. You did a fabulous job on your book, too. The image choices were perfect and your coloring was fabulous. Congratulations!
Barbara Connolly

Sharon Caudle said...

Fabulous story and illustrations, ladies! I really enjoyed reading about the different seasons and activities. Great job!

Bengelmama said...

Wowww das hat bestimmt viel arbeit gemacht. Eine Super Idee.


Glenda said...

Wow, what an awesome story. I love your accompanying pictures and your colouring / shading. Another very very talented entry into the contest. Congratulations Ladies!!!

Summite said...

Wow what a wonderful book with my favorite stamps.

Candy said...

Dear Danielle and Shannon,
Forgive my late response - my computer broke down :o(
I loved your story so much - I could see everything happening in the BEAUTIFUL Land of Magnolia. I especially liked the number of steps to the pond!!! GREAT TOUCH. Your pictures are coloured wonderfully and the whole presentation was lovely :o)
Hugs, Candy