Monday, March 15, 2010

LAND OF MAGNOLIA - HONORABLE MENTION - Hannah Bailey, Barbara Connelly

Over the next few weeks I will share with you the stories and projects of the winners in the LAND OF MAGNOLIA contest.
Our first HONORABLE Mention story was written by our youngest contestant Hannah Bailey. She and her Grandma, Barbara Connelly worked on it together.  I asked Hannah to share a little something about herself.

My name is Hannah and I'm 12 years old.  I'm in 7th grade and I love to stamp!!!!!!   I live in South Carolina; I have a mom, a dad, and a brother(14).  At my middle school, my mom and I started a card club.  We have so much fun, and afterwords, we give the cards away to soldiers, kids in the hospital, and people in nursing homes.  When I stamp and make cards, I love to use Copic Markers!!  They are amazing, and I love them so much!!!! Another thing that I really like to do is knitting and crocheting.  It's really fun and I enjoy sitting in my room crocheting and listening to a radio show called Adventures In Odyssey!  Right now, I'm making a crib blanket for my baby cousin, Charlotte.  Also, as you can probably tell, I really like to write stories.  I always have trouble finding books to read at my age.  Either they are WAY too teenage(vampires and yucky stuff), or too young, so if I want to find the perfect book, I have to create it myself.  Thank you so much Mrs. Diana! 

     A Bake-Off in Magnolia Land

       There is a lovely little town in Scandinavia called Magnolia Land.  And in Magnolia Land lives a sweet young girl named Tilda.

       Tilda sat in her room and watched the sun rise.  When she heard her oven beeping she walked into the kitchen.  Tilda turned the oven off, took the cowberry muffins out, and set them on the counter to cool.  “Tilda, Tilda!  Muffins!”,  she heard her little sister Tingla call out from inside her nursery.  As tired as she was, Tilda got up from where she was resting and picked up Tingla.  “Come on my sweet little ANGEL, you can have one muffin, but no more, OK?”  Tilda said.

        “OK!”  Tingla said excited, but she took two anyway.  “Oh Tingla!  Those were for the meeting today!”  Tilda said, distressed.  “Oops,” giggled Tingla, putting one back.  “What meeting?”  Tingla asked, confused.  “We’re trying to come up with fundraiser ideas for the town!”  Tilda said.  “Can I come?  I want to eat the muffins!” Tingla asked.  “OK,  but maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to bring the muffins,” Tilda said thoughtfully.  “Why not?”  Tingla asked.  “Can you keep a secret Tingla?  I’m going to suggest we have a bake off to raise money, and I want to enter my secret recipe for the cowberry muffins.” Tingla looked confused, and wanted to know why the recipe was a secret.  “Well, a long time ago our Mormor# Backstrom created the first cowberry muffin.  She kept it secret for a long time, but finally passed it down through the family to us!  There are lots of other versions of the cowberry muffin, but we think ours is the best!  So do you promise to keep this a secret, Tingla?”  Tingla nodded, and off they went to the meeting.
# Mormor-Swedish word for Grandmother

        As they walked out the door into the SUNSHINE and through the GATE, they took in the beauty of the SNOW-capped mountains in the distance and smelled the fresh pine scent that hung in the air.  Tilda and Tingla took the scenic short cut through the park so they could enjoy the pretty flowers in the GARDEN.  The BUTTERFLIES swarmed around the flowers to gather nectar.

      As Tilda reached the Town Hall, Mayor Edwin came out and greeted them.
 “Come in, come in Tilda.  Everyone is ready to start the meeting!”  They all walked into the room, and sat down next to some of their friends from Magnolia Land.  The discussion turned to fundraising ideas, and Tilda stood up and presented her idea of a bake off.  Everyone seemed enthused by the idea, except for Annika.  Annika was never known as a good baker, and she was hoping for a fishing tournament.  In fact, she had already brought WORMS and fishing tackle for her presentation.  When the vote was taken, the bake off idea won by a land slide!  Everyone was anxious to get home and fine tune their special family recipes.

        The weeks passed with everyone in Magnolia Land baking up a storm!  There were cakes and cookies of every kind and lots of pies, too.  PUMPKIN pies seemed to be the favorite choice of many of the bakers, but there were even some savory recipes being tested.  MUSHROOM Quiche was Annika’s mother’s special recipe but Annika, not being a great baker, had never had much luck with it.  But she was giving it her best try this time and was hoping to take home a ribbon for her entry.

       Finally the day of the bake off arrived.  All the townspeople were there, many of them carrying their entries into the contest.  Alf and Alva greeted everyone at the door of the Town Hall and sold them ballots to vote for their favorite recipe.  Poor Rufus had to wait outside.  No dogs allowed!!

        The baked entries lined the table along one wall and what entries they were!  It was certainly going to be hard to pick a winner, thought Mayor Edwin to himself.  He called everyone to order and suggested that they begin tasting all the goodies, then the votes would be cast.  Tilda and Tingla waited anxiously, watching everyone’s face as they bit into the cowberry muffins.  Finally, there were only crumbs left and Mayor Edwin, Alf and Alva counted the ballots.  And the winner was…



Jackie Randolph said...

Oh Hannah is a fabulous writer, the story was so life like I could smell all the sweet scents of the pies, cookies and cowberry muffins.

Congratulations Hannah, as your story is wonderful!! Oh, by the way the ending left me wanting more!

Glenda said...

Oh No! A Cliff Hanger!!! What happened, who won..... What a truly awesome story. Congratulations Hanna and Gramma. This is truly a story that deserves to be read and enjoyed by everyone. Thank you so much for your entry. I loved reading it!! :-)

akuperstein said...

Hannah, your story is fantastic. You are very talented!

Patti Jo said...

What a terrific way you did this fun story! Will be waiting for the final outcome!!! Congratulations on a job well done!

Vicki G said...

What a lovely story Hannah! I really enjoyed reading it! I could almost taste those yummy muffins, your words were so descriptive!


Barb Hardeman said...

Hi Hannah! What a fabulous story, very well thought out and a super fun ending - a Cliff Hanger!! Your work is just delightful, thanks so much for sharing with us all...Barb

monica said...

Hannah, what a great story !! I really enjoyed reading it, you did an excellent job and I am so happy that I had a chance to read it. Like to have one of those muffins right now with a cup of tea!!Your project came out really nice too. I love the Tilda with the rolling pin, you did a great job on all of the coloring too. Congratulations to you Hannah!!
Hugs Monica M.

♥♥RubyM:)♥♥ said...

Hannah can you be my daughter!!(jk)I love crafting and you have to be a perfect daughter to have (BIG SMILE)Wow and you knit and crochett too!!?? SO MUCH TALENT!!Awhh your too precious.

Oh your story was great it definately had me on the edge of my seat he he.I had a favorite part and i thought it was genious.The way you made sure to include the word WORMS! LOL!LOVED IT!! I enjoyed your presentation and your story.By the way your blog rocks!!!I follow you and your cards are drop dead gorgeous!!!I like your jungle card!!Beautiful coloring,(just to let you know) lol!Your awsome doll,KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK((HUGS))♥RubyM:)

Cissy said...

Wonderful story Hannah & Barbara! :) Great job!!


Scrappinangler said...

Wow! This is wonderful! I love your little book and the story is so descriptive-great job! ~ Tori

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Hannah,
Your story was wonderful to read.
you certainly have a talent for writing. I love your little book card that you made as well.
Now I wonder who won? Maybe there will be a part two to this story and we will find out.
Hugs Marion

Cami said...

I take my hat off to Hannah! I truly enjoyed her Bake off story and want to read the next series! Excellent story and great imagination. A writer is definitely in your near future so don't stop. It makes for the NY best seller! Now can I have one of your delicious cowberry muffins? Hugs, Cami

Maureen said...

Ahhh! Oh noes! I want to know who won!!! ;)

Wonderful story Hannah! I can't believe you are only 12. You write better than a lot of adults!

Well done, I really enjoyed it!

Eulanda said...

In my world Tilda won the bake off and I got to enjoy a cowberry muffin!! Thanks Hannah! LOL!

cabio's craft corner said...

Fantastic story and creation Hannah. What a great winning piece for a creative and talented gal :o)

redwings19 said...

Hi Hannah. I loved the story you and Grandma wrote and your storybook looks so cute. You really did a great job and should be very proud of yourself. Love you bunches! Auntie Krystn

Lilian said...

Awesome work Hannah!

Candy said...

Dear Hannah,
Love your little book and your colouring. Your story is GREAT! I want to know who won!! You had me on tender hooks. Beautifully written and you got all the 'special' words in there so well. I was wondering how 'worms' was going to get into a bake off LOL LOL
Keep on with your writing - you are one talented girl. I wish I knew how to knit and crochet!!
Love to you and your Grandma - Candy

Nancy said...

Hi Hannah,
What a awesome job you did with your story I loved it and your story book card that you made is awesome as well! I loved reading your story about yourself as well. I am sure that your parents are so very proud of you! Keep up the good work you are doing and I hope there will be a part 2 to your story.

Karen W said...

Wonderful card and story Hannah

Christine Riley said...

What an amazing story, Hannah, you are a fantastic writer!!!
Hugs, Christine

Anonymous said...

OH Hannah, you are such an amazing writer, especially for being only 12! Congratulations, and thanks so much for joining us at Magnolia-lious! So happy for you!
~Pam L.

Kay said...

Dear Hannah,

You have made your family, both here and in Magnolia Land very proud. And you have brought joy to many friends. Thank you for sharing your considerable talent with all of us! Kay W

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Such a delightful story, Hannah! I really enjoyed reading it & can't wait to find out who won the baking contest (but I have a good idea who it is.....LOL).
Thanks for sharing this with us.
Huggies ~
Sharron ♥

Cheryl O said...

What a wonderful story, Hannah! You are so creative and thank you so much for sharing your very special talents with us.....

charlene said...

Hannah you did a fantastic job on your story and your coloring is very good also ! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Sandi said...

I am convinced your writing will be published one day, you are very talented and I was hanging on every word. You Go Girl!!