Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Day the Stamps Took a Stand

Looking out my window, I knew something had to be wrong.  I saw and fell the bright warm sunshine shining on my face.  While this is not uncommon for any morning, I felt it strange that there was snow on the ground on this warm August morning.  Chicago is known for its crazy weather and they say if you don’t like the weather, just wait for 10 minutes, it will change. In all of my life,  I have never known it to snow in August in Chicago.  Could I have slept through the rest of summer and fall? I know I was very exhausted when I went to bed but this really was strange. I rubbed my eyes and looked again.   While my garden was full of mushrooms and pumpkins,  I could see the worms peeking out from under the snow.  Over the garden gate, I could see the butterflies fluttering by….wait what was that?   As I peer out the window and strain my eyes to get a better  look,  I see it is a person.  No wait it is two people.  They are sitting on the bench in my yard.   They seem to be talking and laughing and having a jolly time.  Who are they and what are they doing here?  Are they friends of my sons?  Who let them in the yard?  I couldn’t contain my curiosity any longer.  I had to go and see who these people were and what they were doing here.
I rushed down the stairs and into the yard to where the strangers were sitting.  I asked them what they were doing in my yard.  “Denise I presume?” said the male person.  “Yes” I replied.  “Who are you and what are you doing in my yard?” “We have been waiting for you” said the girl.  “We are Tilda and Edwin from the land of Magnolia.”  I gasped when they said this because I didn’t recognize them from one of my favorite stamp collections.  I was totally embarrassed and taken aback.  “We had to come outside and get some fresh air” Tilda said.  “Yeah , said Edwin,  We got a bit cramped in that plastic box you store us in.  We haven’t seen the light of day in about six months. We wanted to let you know that we are not happy and we don’t know how much longer we can stand it.  We have heard the other stamps talking and we felt we had to warn you that they are planning a revolt.  They are insisting that you spend more time with them and your craft supplies or they are packing up and leaving.”   With that being said, they rose from the bench and fluttered off towards the sky. 
I sat down on the bench in awe of what I had just been told.  Has it really been that long since I have done anything with my crafts?  Have I neglected my hobby?  I returned to the house and sat at my computer.  I browsed the numerous emails I have received and came across one from Diana Crick.  She had come up with a contest using the words of the month in a story.   I can do this I thought.  I might even win a prize….of more craft and stamp stuff I can neglect.  I hope I do win, but I hope this contest has brought about my need and desire to be creative once again.

This wonderful story was written for the contest by Denise Holland


Barb Hardeman said...

What an excellent story, Denise! You have a wonderful imagination. Funny, I hear some of my stamps saying the same thing. Use me again, please! Great job on your story telling and using all the words!

monica said...

I loved the story. I could picture them sitting just waiting for you. I sometimes feel that way with some of the older Maggies that I haven't used for awhile. Your story made me laugh and that is a good thing!! Anything can happen in the Land of Magnolia, right? I'm glad I got to read it!!
Hugs Monica M

cabio's craft corner said...

What a cute story Denise!! It sure made me smile and I love the creativity of this and enjoy reading it very much. Thanks for sharing this too Diana :o)

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Denise,
I so enjoyed this story. It is so original and very clever. You must have a wonderful imagination. Gosh! it was making me think about the stamps I have. Are some of them being neglected?
Thank you for sharing this awesome story.
Hugs Marion (aust)

Patti Jo said...

What a fun story! It is so true they must feel neglected at times! Terrific job on your story Denise, I really enjoyed it!

charlene said...

Denise that is just so cute !
What a great imagination for story-telling. Thanks for the smile and I think I will go visit some of my stamps, so they don't revolt on me !

Christina C. said...

Denise, I really enjoyed reading your sweet story. Very creative!!!
It definitely warrants a visit to my craft room...hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

What a darling story! It made me laugh! And I loved how you got all the secret words in. Hannah and I thought WORMS was the biggest challenge, do you agree?! And now, excuse me while I go and let those little darlings out of their bags for some air! I don't want a revolt on my hands!
Hugs, Barbara (AKA Hannah's Grandma)

jackie ranieri said...

What a great story!!! I really enjoyed reading it!!

Eulanda said...

Oh I better go and see if my Maggie's are happy where they are stored. I wouldn't want a revolt! That's a lot of rubber upset with me. hee hee!

Anonymous said...

OH HOW CUTE!!! That was so amazing. You are a great writer and like your stamps, mine talk to me! :) I love love LOVED how you made Tilda and Edwin come to life. I could almost feel like I was walking outside and talking to them. It was so great!

Rosella said...

What a creative story Denise! Love it! I can see that you are just as creative with your words are with your hands!