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On Monday, April 19 all 9 our our designers will show a card or project they have made using this Magnolia stamp. We will do a random draw for a Magnoila image of your choice. I will also choose a Grand Prize winner for the best card/project. The gift is a secret but you will love it, I promise.

Our Resident Story Writer has written a tale to inspire you.

The Archery Contest
The day was beautiful; the sun was doing its job, bright, sunny and warm with a gentle slight breeze.  Tilda could hardly contain her excitement, today was the big Archery Contest. She had practiced with her bow and arrows until they had become like an extension of her own arms.  Edwin had come through for her once again, teaching her everything that he knew about archery. First he taught her safety, then how to tune the bow and the most exciting part, how to aim and shoot the arrows.
Tilda had even made her own outfit with a holder for her arrows that would go around her waist instead of carrying them on her back.  When she was shopping, she had found a pair of sandals with leather straps that went up her legs.  She looked and felt like a Greek archer goddess, if there ever was such a thing.

 People were coming from all over the Land of Magnolia to join in with the games, food and dancing.  Why it was like having their own medieval festival!  The town had prepared a section of the meadow for the contest. They placed bales of hay with bowls of strawberries on top for the contestants to munch on. All this was facing the edge of the forest where they had placed the targets on the trees. In the middle of the meadow, they placed tables with beautiful cloths on top. Each table had a variety of snacks for everyone, muffins, and slices of cake, peaches, and more bowls of strawberries. They even placed baskets of apples by the benches that were set up for people to sit and watch the contest, or just rest. The party area would stretch beyond the back of the meadow, up the beautiful rolling hills that lead down to the lake. Tables were set up there too, along with some swings hanging on the heavy branches, they even put up a bridge deck on the edge of the water for people to lean on or sit on. The bridge deck looked so good; they ended up putting a few more around the lake.  The town had thought of everything.

 Edwin would be playing his guitar and singing as he walked among the crowd of people. There was to be dancing and singing all day and into the night. Yes, Tilda was very excited; not only was she going to be in the contest but she was going to be in one of the plays that would be performing that night. Tilda was going to be the beautiful Spellcaster in a play called “Fairyland Magic”.
Tilda smiles as she hears her name called and said to herself, I have to stop thinking about all of the plans that were made and how it has all come together.  She had blocked out all of the noise and laughter from all the people, now it was her turn ………….. She took a deep breath in and out, relaxed and smiled.  Keeping her left arm straight out with her bow, she pulled her right arm with all of her might letting the arrow fly.  The sound of the arrow hitting the target in the bull’s eye was everything that she had hoped it would be.  She turned and saw Edwin smiling at her, the winner.
Monica Merkel

I hope you will join us in the contest. Send a photo of your entry to


Only By His Grace said...

Wow Monica! you are such an awesome story teller. I loved reading your story. Such detail.
I could imagine the whole setting.
Hugs Marion

Kerry said...

Monica - absolutely awesome! I felt like I was right there with Tilda and Edwin, enjoying the festivities. I hope you are putting your stories together into a book for children - the Tilda Tales! Again, a wonderful story and thanks for sharing it with us. Kerry Peasland

Sharon Caudle said...

Fabulous story, Monica! A wonderful inspiration to the contest!

Julie said...

Monica - Your story served as great inspiration for the card I am entering in the contest. I could not possibly pick up all the details, but was able to pull out a few details to make a card I love.



Jean said...

Monica what a great story. Closing my eyes I can just see the whole story in my head.. It is so alive.. Wow so real, you are such a great story teller... now for me to be able to put it down in a picture.. I will work very hard on it... The story is worth a try..
Hugs, Jean

Candy said...

Oh Monica!!
What a great story. I was right there with Tilda, dreaming the whole day out, and held my breath for her while she took her shot at the target! BINGO - a bulls eye of course!!!!
Thank you for your entertaining stories and for your inspiration.
Hugs, Candy

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