Thursday, March 25, 2010


Tilda’s Surprise!
by Cissy Teeter

It was a beautiful day in the Land of Magnolia! So beautiful that the Maggie's, Edwin, Alf, Alva and their trusty canine friend, Rufus are throwing a surprise party for their friend Tilda! Tilda is everyone's best friend in Magnolia Land and she helps everyone out with anything that they need help with. Her friends decided she needed a huge thank you party, and the whole Land thought so too.

Tilda did not have any idea that her friends were going to have a party for her. She was busy at home cleaning her cozy little cottage. She was also watching her angel of a baby sister, Tingla. Tilda loved her baby sister and they did everything together! Tingla loves going for walks and she loves flowers. She also loves playing with the butterflies that are always flying around the Land of Magnolia.

Alva phoned Tilda earlier in the day and asked her if she would like to have a lovely picnic lunch with her in the garden. Tilda, not knowing it was actually a set up for the surprise, happily agreed to the picnic! Tingla was happy too, because she loved the beautiful garden that Alva takes such great care of.

Edwind, Alf and Alva were decorating the flower garden with lovely decorations such as glitter and flowers and Alva made a gorgeous center piece from a pumpkin. Mrs. Butterfly came by and gave them some lovely flowers she had found flying around on the other side of Magnolia Land. The wonderful sunshine made the flowers and mushrooms look extra bright and happy!

While Tilda was on her way, Rufus was putting the finishing touches on the garden gate. Everything was in place and the whole Land of Magnolia was there for their dear friend Tilda. Rufus was told to keep watch for Tilda.

Edwind suddenly remembered how much Tilda loves snow. He had a magnolialicious idea! They could fill a pail full of daisy petals and as soon as Tilda walked though the garden gate, while everyone was shouting "SURPRISE!” they could throw the petals in the air to make it look like a beautiful snowfall! Everyone got busy putting the little daisy petals in the pail. The worms, Liam and Lia, helped carefully uproot the delicate flowers.

All of a sudden Rufus came running into the garden barking, Tilda was here! Everyone got into their positions and waited...

The garden gate opened and there stood Tilda. "SURPRISE!” shouted everyone. The daisy petals were thrown up into the air and they fell softly down on the ground, making it look like snow. Tilda was surprised and was so happy that she had such magnolialicious friends to throw her such an amazing party!



Patti Jo said...

Congratulations Cissy on a terrific story! Love how you involved the whole gang! A very happy and enjoyable tale!

♥♥RubyM:)♥♥ said...

Congratulations cissy!!!! the story is just lovely.I also like your strategy on how you used the magic words and managed to involve everybody.What an adorable story.RubyM:)

Nancy said...

Congratulations Cissy your story is awesome! You did a fabulous job including all the code words. Love the story.

monica said...

Cissy, I loved your story and how everyone was so involved in her surprise party--I could picture everyone running around getting things done. The "snow" of daisy petels was awesome.
Hugs Monica M

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

Crissy this is soooo cute.
i could not stop reading.
it almost sad that the story ends when she comes though the gate :-)
i was ready to read more.

Angie said...

Yay Cissy!!! How awesome it is to see your story in print. It's just wonderful :) Congratulations!!!

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Cissy!
I love reading your story. it is wonderful. Gosh! I am so loving reading everyones stories. it's really exciting.
Hugs Marion

Sharon Caudle said...

Wonderful story, Cissy! You did a fabulous job!

cocoa said...

This is a great story. I enjoyed reading it and i think you did a fabulous job!