Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Magnolia-licious Crew

I thought you might like to see who answers the phone and packs your orders. On the right is my younger sister Debi, my best friend Donna (we have known each other for about 35 years), moi and Debi's daughter Sheila. The delightful pink Magnloia purse was made by Jacqueline Beddingfield. She was my Secret Sister. Hi from the gang!



I immediately fell in love with this card the moment I saw it; the warm, vibrant colours attracted my eye. Upon closer inspection I could see the colouring was superb. Lisa Cook made this Valentine for husband and this is what she said.......

"I don't usually make cards for my hubby since I can't ever figure out the neat sayings for inside. I thought this one was just so cute I could live without all the sweetness in the saying. I'll figure out something good to write hehe. I used the kissing Tilda and Edwin. They are perched on the stone wall, but I extended it a little bit. They would fit on the one as stamped, but I wanted it to be a little longer with my background. I just put the seam under Tilda and you can't even tell :) I colored all of this with Copics. For the background piece I used a paint brush, re inkers (B21, YG93, and colorless blender) to paint it. The white highlights are from Copic Opaque White paint. Their little Valentines are brads. Their hands are cut out and raised with dimensional. I also raised up the entire stone wall with dimensionals. I had a blast creating this! I hope he likes it".

Lisa I am sure he absolutely loved it.


A close up view of the lovely couple. Are they not darling!

Friday, February 19, 2010


CHA finished up on the Wednesday afternoon. At 4am Thursday we began the journey to Frankfurt. We flew Anaheim, to Seattle, to Paris to Frankfurt, Germany. It was now 11am Friday. We checked into the hotel, very nice room but funnily two 3/4 size beds with the most enormous, flat, feather pillows I have ever seen. I swear they were 3 feet x 3 We met Kitty Franken, our Dutch interpreter at the hotel. Kitty does a lot of tutorials for Scor-Pal and it is was neat to finally meet her. After we had all unpacked we took a taxi to the Convention area. It was HUGE about 10 buildings, double and triple storied. Luckily Roy had the info as to which building was ours. Duh, we had brought the wrong section of the pass we needed so Roy had to go back to the hotel. Off we went to find our booth and did the set up.



Kitty Franken on the right (Dutch), Isabelle Weber (German) and myself.
Thank goodness Isabelle in particular was with us as we certainly needed someone who knew the German language. She brought many "important" people to meet us and we made valuable contacts.
Kitty was an excellent demonstrator, very outgoing and approachable. Both were lovely people!!!

The show was very unlike CHA. The attendance was much larger than CHA was about 85% men in "suits". That is what they are called...."suits" and usually high up in the company organization.

From what I could see only two booths showed rubber stamps. We were on the Creative Floor and Paperworld itself was in two buildings, all 2-3 floors. There were a lot of companies selling art supplies, high quality paints and brushes. Here are some photos of the other booths, all very professional, no curtains dividing booths like CHA all solid walls.

As you can see very modern...

This booth was selling very high end pen sets and leather portfolios....

A whole floor was devoted to companies selling back packs, Hannah Montana and other American theme items.

Scrapbooking supplies, beautiful paper...

Rahyer, a huge distributor...

Looking down one of the aisles...

It was very cold and snowed each day, apparently very unusual for Frankfurt...

The show ran from Saturday to Tuesday. Wednesday we were up very early and began the grueling journey home. Thank goodness we had enough air mile points to fly Business Class. We flew Frankfurt to Paris, to Houston, to Seattle to Vancouver, 24 hours 18 of it in the air.  It took me more than a week to recover! I hope you have enjoyed the photos.


Here are some photos of our Scor-Pal booth.
Valerie Stangle, Lynn Mecurio and myself....

The Scor-Pal Team, Roy, my dear husband, Valerie and moi.... 

Looking down the aisle....

Meet two of the Magnolia-licious Designers, Kerry Donovan on my left and Suzanne Dean on my right. We all went out for dinner together and I have hadn't so much fun in a long time. Our sides hurt from laughing!! They are such lovely gals. It was my first meeting with Kerry and she is as fabulous in real life as her creations. 


The cards using images from the Pet and Animal Collection were exceptional. I particularly liked the  WaterFall Background. The colours were so soft.

#531 Waterfall Background, #408 Jungle flowers

 #133 Edwin with lizard, #488 Jungle leaves

#238 Khaki Tilda, #434 Tip Leaves

#491 Elephant, #408 Jungle flowers

#494 Garland, #492 Lion, #717 A ton of love
Aren't they fabulous. We will soon be having a Pet and Animal Collection sale!


Here are some of the Halloween cards in the Magnolia Booth.
#532 Boo Background, #553 Moon tree branch, #560 So spooky fence, #144 Dracula Edwin

#532 Boo background, #399 So Spooky

Wedding Collection coming soon

Here are some of the cards exhibited at CHA of the upcoming Wedding Collection.

CHA January 2010

We exhibited at CHA in Anaheim at the end of January. We showcased our newest product Scor-Buddy. Here is a video from CHA
While at CHA we got to meet some of the staff from Magnolia Sweden. We had a lovely dinner with John and Barbro. Pauline is the designer of the Magnolia stamps, John is her step-father and Barbro is her mother. Tilda and Edwin are Pauline's children and I got to see a photo of them. Edwin is 8 and Tilda 5. Edwin is quiet, studious, loves to draw and Tilda is very active. It was wonderful to see our beloved Tilda and Edwin in real life. A stamps in the Raising the Ceiling Collection is Wilma the dog, she is named after Barbro's dog. As you can see it is a very family oriented company. I got to learn some of the ins and outs of the company which was fascinating. I was allowed to choose for myself one of the cards on display. This is the one I chose. It is a step card. I will take a photo of the whole card for you. It is a magnificent card and when they said I could choose I knew exactly which one I wanted. It is water coloured with re-inkers.
 Here are some close ups of the card.