Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hello friends,
I am thrilled to share with you the stunning entry that won 2nd prize in our Land Of Magnolia contest. It is the very talented Ruby Montes. Ruby coloured over 50 Magnolia images to create her scenes and her story is written in rhyme. Enjoy, it is fabulous!

Magnolia Land Through The Seasons

Welcome to the divine place of Magnolia world.
Where day dreams and imagination twirl and whirl.
In this magical place don’t be surprised to find,
adventurous kids with wings, they’re one of a kind.
Here you find Tilda and Edwin who love to play,
with their friends at the barn, the park or by the bay.

During the months of spring, Tilda takes advantage,
to plant a garden with herbs, mushrooms and cabbage.
Eating warm soup is sure to take away the gloom,
that lets the kids enjoy spring in all of it’s bloom.
Fresh pink flowers cover the ground of a white church,
witnessing the marriage of two who've ended their search.
The season soon changes and new fun will ensue,
giving the children new adventures to pursue.

The summer brings them heat and also much delight,
that will leave them the bliss of a funky kite flight.
It’s in June that they find comfort with each other,
going fishing with their mother and their father.
They cant forget the worms if they want to make a catch.
They’ll cook up fish-n-chips and eat them by the batch.
Fun summer days are full of sunshine in July,
Edwin chases after a magic butterfly.
Yes, in the beautiful outdoors he spends his time,
but he’d rather get a drink with a little bit of lime.
Its off to get ice cream with Tingla in August,
they look after her much because she’s the youngest.
The season soon changes and new thrills will follow,
into the season that gives them creepy Eves Hollow.

Angel-children look forward to the colors of fall.
Picking the biggest pumpkin, they’re sure to have a ball.
By the town square with a rickety gate, a spooky house stands.
The children pass with closed eyes but their courage expands.
The autumn season will leave the children some frights,
but not without eating bags of sugary bites.
The season soon changes and new memories will be made,
when the outdoors are glittered white and brightly displayed.

There’s nothing like winter for hot cocoa and snow,
cuddling with old Rufus, when it’s thirteen below.
Alva and Alf, always ready to spread the joy,
so that it may live in every little girl and boy.
Carolers will soon arrive to knock at the door,
and everyone applauds for them to sing more.
Baby Alvin sits with pacifier in hand,
waiting for Santa, and expects it’ll be grand.

The night continues and gradually grows noiseless,
but out of the night a few familiar voices.
It’s Tilda and Edwin with a whole-hearted wish.
They promise forever they’re family to cherish.
They continue their prayer for all to believe,
in the magic of friendship and love that’s received.

The season soon changes and a new year will be
The perfect beginning for a sweet memory.

Ruby Montes