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These loveable little characters from the Land of Magnolia inspire us to  learn new techniques and try different products.  We learn about coloring mediums and types of papers and inks.  We also learn about design and layout and yet we are learning a little about ourselves and what we are capable of making and learning.
So let’s travel into the Land of Magnolia to see what creative hair color Tilda might have from day to day and where Edwin might be hanging out.

 Tilda is an avid  card maker.  She loves using the Magnolia images and coloring with Copics, Prismacolor Pencils with Odorless Mineral Spirits and Distress Inks.  One of her favorite tools is the Scor-Pal that makes scoring on all her projects whether it is cards or 3d projects so much easier. Tilda knows a good thing when she sees it and can’t imagine not having one!!!

Many mornings, you will find Tilda waiting at the stone gate for Edwin to come by.  She has made him a little heart surprise.

Edwin always appreciates the lovely creative things that Tilda makes for him.  It makes him feel special.
Sunshine yellow is one of Tilda’s favorite colors.  She has adorned her lovely little cottage with yellow flowers and her favorite dress, of course, is also sunshine yellow! It makes her feel so bright and cheery when she is surrounded by such a lively color.

 Edwin is not without his own surprises!  He loves to hide around a corner to see if he can surprise Tilda! Edwin might be quiet, but he is not always the angel he is supposed to be. 

Sweets, sweets, sweets!

Tilda loves chocolates and candy hearts. No gummy worms for her. Besides she thinks chocolate candy is a requirement to have around when card making.  She is not alone on that idea!!!

Tilda finds herself sitting in the pumpkin patch trying to decide which one would be the very best one. She wants to make Edwin her special pumpkin pie recipe so only the best will do!

Strolling through the garden looking at all the beautiful flowers, Tilda finds herself watching a butterfly or two and enjoys their pretty colors and how easily they float from one flower to another. She knows nature is a wondrous thing and shouldn’t be taken for granted by any of us.
One afternoon Tilda and Edwin decided to go on a mushroom hunt.  They looked and looked but couldn’t find a single one. Tilda made the best of the day though and found lots of pretty flowers to fill her basket instead.

If I counted correctly Patti Jo used 18 MAGNOLIA STAMPS and two ALOTA STAMPS. Every page is adorned with the most beautiful little punched flowers. To say this is a masterpiece is a true understatement.  Patti thank you so much for your wonderful creation! I can't wait for our granddaughter Sienna to be old enough to truly appreciate your beautifully illustrated story book. My husband Roy has actually asked to be the first one to read her your story. Our family will treasure this keepsake forever.

Friday, April 23, 2010


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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Our RESIDENT STORY WRITER, MONICA MERKEL brings us another wonderful tale about the new FAIRYTALE COLLECTION that has just been released.

                                     Magical Fairytale

Tilda is busy in her kitchen, preparing her picnic basket with enough food for her and Edwin to take on their trip. Edwin is in charge of all their outdoor supplies including the tent. They have gone on many adventures before, but this one is sure to prove to be the most exciting---they have heard of the stories from within the deep forest…….

“Tilda, I think you are pouting” said Edwin. “Well, yes I think I am, my feet hurt and I’m tired” snapped Tilda. Some adventure we are having thought Tilda, we walked all day yesterday making our own trail in these dark woods, then camped in the tiniest tent ever made and he had the nerve to wake me up when the birds started singing this morning, for what—more walking? Where are all those fairies and magical dandelions? “Alright, go sit on one of those logs over there and I will start setting up the tent, it is beginning to get dark now anyway” said Edwin. “Maybe all the stories we were told as children about the fairies capturing people and putting spells on them isn’t true” she said to Edwin. “Now don’t let your imagination go wild Tilda, just relax while I set the tent up” said Edwin as he gave her a wink.

As Tilda sat watching Edwin, she felt uneasy, like someone or something was watching them. She could hear Edwin humming; she started to yell over to him, and realized it wasn’t Edwin at all. She held her breath, her heart started pounding faster and faster, she tried to move and couldn’t. Oh Edwin she thought, turn around and look at me!!! The sound was getting louder and closer to her,—ribbet, ribbet,ribbet—it sounded like little ones and a large one. The leaves behind her made a faint rustling sound as the ribbets got closer. “Edwinnnn” she yells with a cracked voice. Edwin was at her side in a flash, “what is it Tilda, what is wrong—are you sick or did something bite you’? asked Edwin. “No Edwin, no” she said as she starting laughing and shaking, “but they are coming”. Tilda points up to the trees as the most beautiful butterfly seem to float directly down to them and is joined by a stream of butterflies and dragonflies, all sizes and colors. The fluttering of their wings is like listening to an orchestra. They are still standing in awe of the sight when 3 frogs jump out from behind the log. They both looked down to see the creature’s ribbeting and looking up at them. Tilda looks at Edwin and she notices a larger butterfly directly behind him. Edwin turns his head; the butterfly is shaped like a mini Tilda with wings. “My name is Mini, do not be afraid”, she said in a tiny voice “we have been watching over you for a day now and I have come to help you on your journey.” “Before we go, I want you to meet my sister, Fairydust and she will help”. “How?” said Edwin. “I will blow some of my fairy dust on you, and all the images that you see will be of you or Tilda—do not be afraid” said Fairydust as she blew the dust on them.

The butterflies and dragonflies surround Tilda and Edwin and carry them off with the fairies. The fairies clear a path through some covered shrubs leading down a hidden path in the forest. There is a magical glow ahead and the trees have been replaced with rows and rows of beautiful fantasy flowers in an array of colors. In the distance, they see rolling hills with a rainbow and a path. “Look Tilda” yells Edwin “the magic dandelions are along the path and they are moving”. “Oh Edwin” giggles Tilda, “that is because the frogs are chasing the snails through them”. Up ahead they see another fairy sitting on a mushroom.”Hi, you can call me Magic, and I have come to take you to the castle”. “I am wearing this crown on my head waiting for Prince Phillip the Frog to come so I can kiss him”. With that being said, she waves her wand and in an instant they are on steps leading up to the castle.

They are met at the bottom of the staircase by a Bubbling Tilda fairy blowing bubbles of assorted colors. “Welcome” she said in a soft voice, “have a sit in the armchair, our parade is starting in your honor”. Edwin and Tilda sit in amazement as they watch the most beautiful “Tilda Fairies” descend from the castle atrium down the stairwell to meet them. Dancing Tilda, Mid Summer Tilda, Ballerina Tilda and then Lady Tilda. Lady Tilda stopped to tell Edwin that there is a special surprise for him coming down the stairs ---Prince Edwin and behind him, Sherwood Edwin. Oh the fun they had that night and into the next day playing games, singing and exploring the castle and the Fairy Land with their new friends. They were playing hide and seek with Elf Tilda when a new beautiful fairy appeared. “I am called Spellcaster; I have come to take you home. You must not be gone too long, or people will come looking for you” she said ever so gently. Everyone came to say their goodbyes and to give hugs. Fairydust Tilda gave Edwin a hug and put some fairy dust in his hand telling him that it will help him find his way back to them. She hugged Tilda and whispered in her ear as she placed the dust in her hand also. Spellcaster waved her wand; Tilda and Edwin were back at their tent.

Edwin and Tilda sat by the fire that they built and talked about their adventure and how they would keep it to themselves and not tell anyone so that the Fairy people would be safe. Tilda thinks about what Fairydust whispered to her “Some people think we are just mystical but as long as you believe, we will be here.”

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Terri won 4th prize in our Land of Magnolia contest with this incredible entry.

                                      Seasons in Magnolia

It’s morning in Magnolia. Tilda has woken early and tiptoes to the window. The sun is peeking over the garden, promising a beautiful day! Warm breezes are drifting through the sheer, white curtains and Tilda smiles. Today is the first day of summer! She thinks of all the fun she and her best friend in all the world, Edwin, are going to have! Today, they are meeting by the garden gate after breakfast and start the day! Summertime is beautiful in Magnolia... the garden dances with sweet flowers of all colors and sizes and butterflies flutter from bloom to bloom. The bright blue sky welcomes the children as they walk to the park. Edwin loves running and getting dirty, while Tilda enjoys gathering flowers or pretending to be a butterfly exploring the fragrant petals. They happily play side by side in the warm sunshine, Tilda picking her bouquets and Edwin digging in the soft dirt for wriggling worms! He loves to tease Tilda by chasing her with his latest catch, but she knows he is just teasing her! Each summer day brings something different! Sometimes they swim in the pond near the woods, enjoying the cool, clear water. Sometimes they swing lazily, dreaming of days to come and making up stories to entertain each other. And sometimes they explore the forest, picking an occasional mushroom or two and spotting different creatures that scamper quickly from view.  As the breezes grow chillier, Tilda knows it will soon be autumn! The leaves change into rich, beautiful outfits and they start to drift to the ground. The little ones have new ways to play now! They rake the leaves into a huge pile and jump! Edwin always jumps higher than Tilda, but she’s been practicing and may just beat him this year! The garden has changed, too. Bright oranges and yellows replace the pinks and purples as the pumpkins and squash ripen. Soon it will be time to choose their pumpkin for Halloween! It’s an important job to pick just the right one for carving!
Before long, the air becomes colder and snowflakes float from above! It’s winter! Magnolia becomes a magical wonderland as everything turns white with snow! The garden slumbers under a thick coat of snow, patiently waiting for spring... Tilda feeds the birds with crumbs left over from her morning toast and they chirp with pleasure at the yummy treat! Preparing for Christmas is the best part! A huge tree, glittering with lights of all colors, is decorated with tinsel and stars. Edwin climbs a ladder to add the beautiful angel and then the most important part, the nativity, is carefully arranged under the pine boughs. Then the fun begins! Wrapping presents! Edwin always shakes his gift, so Tilda is putting tiny jingle bells inside! Everyone will know when he is trying to peek! She giggles to herself as she ties the final bow! After the holidays, everyone starts wishing for spring! The children watch anxiously for the first signs, a purple crocus peeks through the snow and robins brave the weather to sing a sweet song. Soon the garden is a riot of color and Tilda and Edwin are back outside enjoying the sweet, fresh air. It’s spring! A time for new life and new hope. The chicks are hatching and little bunnies hop through the garden foliage. The sun glistens through bright, green leaves unfurling on the trees, leaving dancing shadows on the ground. And Tilda and Edwin begin their special project. They are able to know when someone outside of Magnolia is in need and they go to them on angel wings to offer encouragement and love. We may not be able to see them in our world, but they are here, symbols of happiness and hope for our future! And the seasons continue....

This book has a front and back cover with 6 inner pages. The pages are thick having layers of paper with embossed and scallop punched edges. The complete story has been written in the most beautiful "handwriting" and lovingly illustrated with our wonderful Tilda, Edwin and accessories. Sometimes things are popped up for dimension adding visual interest. The colouring is beyond belief. 

Terri, your story book is magnificent! I cannot wait until my granddaughter Sienna is old enough so I may read your wonderful story to her and have her appreciate the work that has gone into this project. Please know your book will remain in our family for generations to come. We will treasure it always and a piece of you will live on forever!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


As you can see Maureen has incredible drawing skills, the amazing ship, sail, sun, cloud, seagull, parrot and even fish in the frothy waves all being drawn freehand. Her pirate adventure is a sight to be enjoyed through a spy glass or not...ahoy Matey!

Be sure to leave Maureen some love!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Angela Hunt a Guest Designer with the Magnolia-licious Design Team has created the most spectacular card and I just have to share it with you. For more details please visit her blog at

Sunday, April 4, 2010




I am a WAHM to 2 children (12 & 14), mom to 7 furbabies and wife of 15 years to a wonderfully loving, supportive husband who is my best friend!  I started stamping 8 years ago with Stampin Up which quickly led me to the world of rubber/digi stamps and copics.  I started my blog 2 years ago and have made so many wonderful friends in the crafting world.  I currently am on 10 design teams and own two businesses that I've just started up including an online Copic Classroom called "Color Me Creative" and a NEW mini-magazine called "Through the Craftroom Door".  I started working for my friend Diana and Magnolia-licious 2 years ago and have enjoyed every minute working with these cute stamps that I just adore and love to share with everyone.  I enjoy working in this very large crafting-internet world, love meeting new friends (and fellow craft addicts) and love sharing my work but I most enjoy seeing others enjoy this craft that brings so many of us together!! I welcome you to visit my blog


I am a retired college professor living in the Western part of North Carolina. I taught Spanish grammar and literature and psychology and have a real love for English grammar and literature. I was a tea, etiquette, and protocol consultant for a number of years throughout the Southeast having studied at The Protocol School of Washington. I readily admit to the Magnolia Addiction and I am NOT in search of a 12-step plan to overcome it. These little children have found their way into my heart and I get much joy from showcasing them with paper and coloring. I kinda enjoy these paperdolls for grown-ups!!  I am presently tackling the breast cancer dragon and doing it with aplomb, I hasten to add. With the support of so many friends and loved ones, the battle is exceptionally easy! You will find my blog at

I have been a crafter as long as I can remember.  As a child I was always making something and was encouraged by my parents.  I found stamping and papercrafting at a home party about 10 years ago and I was hooked!  I always used inks to watercolor until last year when I learned to use the copic markers my husband had invested in for me!  I'm happiest when I'm coloring my Magnolia-licious images to match some great decorative paper!  I can't get enough of the Maggie stamps! You will find my blog at

Hello, my name is Claudia Rosa,  I am 41 year old native German from the beautiful area Stuttgart. Since 2003, I have been living with my husband Paulo and my 2 sons Lucas 6 and Niklas 4 in Michigan USA.

I started to stamp for a short period in 2006 with some flower stamps I had found at a local Hobby Expo. It wasn't until the winter of 2007 when trading some of my flower images, I got these "cute" images. I fell in love with this style, especially since those stamps gave me so many options to explore my own creativity and coloring skills.  
I would like to invite you to visit my blog Pretty Pressings to discover all my cards and gift ideas at


I am married to my soul mate, Randy, and we share five wonderful children and four glorious grandsons. During the day, I’m the office manager for a regional trucking company that is based in the northwest. And at night, you will usually find me sitting at my crafting area, many times with a grandson on my lap. :0) I can’t even remember exactly when I started scrapbooking anymore, but I fell in love with card making about three years ago. It enables me to share a little piece of myself with friends and family, near or far. I also love to create things for my grandsons. I really only just dabbled in stamping before. But a little over a year ago, I discovered the world of Magnolia stamps and Tilda, and fell madly in love. I am extremely honored and blessed that Diana has asked me to work with her, and I’m so pleased and excited to work with the amazing array of talent she has on her design team. I hope you enjoy my work, and that I’m able to inspire you in some little way. You can visit me at


I am married to a wonderful Irishman, named Patrick (no less!). We live in New England with our three unique and amazing children: Declan, Orla, and Maeve. We have a little dog, named Penny and 2 pet pygmy goats. There is never a dull moment around here! For now, I do not work outside of the home. I am very blessed to be able to be home for our children.
I started scrapbooking in 2001, but never found it
satisfying. Maybe because it was never "done". Then, 2 years
later, I was introduced to stamping/card making/paper crafting and fell in love. I got that instant gratification of having a completed project.
I fell in love with Magnolia stamps in 2008 and they still continue to be my favorite images!!   Who can resist these lil' cuties!! You will find my other creations at


I’m a stay at home mom of three and married to the love of my life for over 27 years. I’ve crafted since I was a little girl and found that I was never bored because I always had something to play with – paper crafts, sewing, crochet, knit, cross stitch, or coloring. Flash forward to today and stamping is at the top of the list – I ordered my first stamp over 14 years ago and never knew the therapy I would find in crafting cards and home made items. In 2008 I decided to start blogging as a way to share my crafting endeavors with friends, little did I know that I would make many more friends than ever imagined. Along the way I began crafting for several Stamp and Craft manufacturers. Most days find me happily crafting away in my studio or wandering the aisles of the local craft store. I’m blessed beyond measure and love the satisfaction I get when giving handmade – it’s just a little bit of me. You will find me creating at

The front of Becca's gorgeous card has 3 Magnolia stamps, a lot of masking was done.

ANGELA HUNT - Guest Designer

I’m 42 years old and live in Michigan with my husband, son and our corgi. I run a business with my husband and much of my free time is spent in my craft room. As a child, I always loved art classes and my favorite thing to do there was shading and blending colors. I’ve always needed some sort of creative outlet. I started scrapbooking about 7 years ago and slowly added in card making. At the end of 2009, I discovered Magnolia stamps and Copic markers and my life was forever changed. Coloring has once again become a passion of mine and Tilda is my favorite subject to work with. Being a Guest Designer for Magnolia-licious is a dream come true. I hope you will visit me at

MINDY BAXTER - Guest Designer

I love paper crafting. I mostly enjoy making cards but I do scrap book and make 3d projects as well. I am a very girly crafter. I love pink and frilly, my motto is more is more. I am always looking for that extra embellishment for my projects. Outside of my crafting life, I’m a mother of 3. I have 2 daughters ages 3 and 7 and my son is 11. My girls are also crafty and love to spend time with me crafting. I teach in home craft classes with a group of ladies I’m honored to call my friends. Which is how Fussy and Fancy came together. Magnolias are my absolute favorite stamps EVER! I enjoy coloring them and fine them the easiest stamps to color and shade. I'm truly grateful to be a guest designer for Magnolia-licious, truly a dream Design Team Spot! Please join me at


I am 37 years old, mom of 3 beautiful children, with my husband for 13 years now. I run a daycare at home and I love that. I’m bilingual but my first language is french.

I started scrapbooking 4 years ago and it quickly became a real passion. Scrapbooking is my way of escape. My style is never the same, my layout are always different. I love shabby chic, lots of detail, dimension and texture in my layouts. I am  always trying different techniques. You will find by blog at


Monica has a wonderful way with words and is always creating wonderful Tilda and Edwin adventures. Monica was the Grand Prize winner in our Land of Magnolia contest.

My interest varies in different directions at any given time. My steady one is my Church. I am on the hospitality committee, and I am a Eucharistic Minister. I like a good joke and love to laugh, like to play jokes on people. I also love music, especially the blues, enjoy reading (can’t find the time too much anymore) did quilting for about a year, and then moved on to crocheting. In the two years that I was crocheting, I believe everyone got a scarf and an afghan. I then found scrapbooking and moved on to rubber stamps and cards. About a year ago, I found our Magnolia stamps and have been hooked since. My crafting would not exist without my husband Wayne, he cuts all my cardstock and papers for me.