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This wonderful story book was created by DANIELLE SHAFFER AND SHANNON CAMERON PICARD   for the LAND OF MAGNOLIA contest. They won Honorable Mention. Please be sure to leave them some love. It is a fantastic project!


My name is Tilda and I live in the most beautiful place in the world; The Land of Magnolia! I love it because the sun shines every day, warming everything it touches. With the most beautiful blue sky
and rarely a cloud in it, I wish everyone could spend some time here in my paradise. Each season holds so much excitement and wonder, I can't wait to tell you all about the fun we have, my best friend Edwin and I.  

Summers are always filled with endless sunshine, bright blue skies and so many colors you'd think we lived at the end of the rainbow! Once school is out for the summer, Edwin and I spend a lot of time at the pond. The pond is exactly seventy-three steps from the gate in our yard - Edwin and I counted last summer. Most days, Edwin fishes while I hunt for mushrooms. Sometimes, if it has rained, Edwin and I sneak into Grandpa Alf's garden to dig up worms for fishing. The biggest worms are always under Grandpa Alf's prized pumpkins. Other days we spend in the big field behind Edwin's house.

This year, Edwin got a new bug net and we spent lots of time trying to catch butterflies. Edwin's dog, Rufus, always barked and chased them away before we could catch any, but we sure did have fun! We’re not supposed to play in the garden. Grandpa Alf works hard each summer to grow a great big pumpkin to enter into the fall fair pumpkin competition. He hasn't won yet, but every year his pumpkins get bigger and bigger!

Fall in Magnolia is especially beautiful. The leaves turn different shades of copper, mustard and rust. I love when they fall to the ground and crunch under our boots as we walk to school each day. The fall fair is the last weekend in September and this year I am going to bake my first pie with Grandma Alva for the pie-baking contest and Edwin plans to play his guitar in the talent show. 

Winter in Magnolia brings crisp cool air and snowflakes that blanket the ground and trees like fluffy white icing. I love waking up the morning after a big snow, the limbs of the trees covered in white and the whole yard looking so clean and inviting. When the snow is fresh and sticky, Edwin and I build snowmen and make snow angels. This year we are going to build two snow forts in Edwin's field so that we can have snowball fights! Once everything has frozen over, and the snow is crisp and crackly, we practice skating on the pond. Skating is my favorite winter activity. 

Spring always brings with it a clean slate. The rain washes away the dirty snow and the puddles and brings with it the bright colors of the garden. First the crocus' pop up and then the Tulips. The air warms enough that we can shed our thick winter sweaters and put away bulky hats and mittens.
Every Spring Edwin and I decorate eggs for Easter, and Grandma Alva lets us make some chocolates for the Easter baskets. Edwin and I have to work really hard not to get dirty in the Spring! Sometimes, I forget my umbrella and we have to run home from school. Then we clamor into Grandma's house and warm up by the stove with a cup of hot cocoa. Before we know it, school is almost out and summer is upon us again. 


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On Monday, April 19 all 9 our our designers will show a card or project they have made using this Magnolia stamp. We will do a random draw for a Magnoila image of your choice. I will also choose a Grand Prize winner for the best card/project. The gift is a secret but you will love it, I promise.

Our Resident Story Writer has written a tale to inspire you.

The Archery Contest
The day was beautiful; the sun was doing its job, bright, sunny and warm with a gentle slight breeze.  Tilda could hardly contain her excitement, today was the big Archery Contest. She had practiced with her bow and arrows until they had become like an extension of her own arms.  Edwin had come through for her once again, teaching her everything that he knew about archery. First he taught her safety, then how to tune the bow and the most exciting part, how to aim and shoot the arrows.
Tilda had even made her own outfit with a holder for her arrows that would go around her waist instead of carrying them on her back.  When she was shopping, she had found a pair of sandals with leather straps that went up her legs.  She looked and felt like a Greek archer goddess, if there ever was such a thing.

 People were coming from all over the Land of Magnolia to join in with the games, food and dancing.  Why it was like having their own medieval festival!  The town had prepared a section of the meadow for the contest. They placed bales of hay with bowls of strawberries on top for the contestants to munch on. All this was facing the edge of the forest where they had placed the targets on the trees. In the middle of the meadow, they placed tables with beautiful cloths on top. Each table had a variety of snacks for everyone, muffins, and slices of cake, peaches, and more bowls of strawberries. They even placed baskets of apples by the benches that were set up for people to sit and watch the contest, or just rest. The party area would stretch beyond the back of the meadow, up the beautiful rolling hills that lead down to the lake. Tables were set up there too, along with some swings hanging on the heavy branches, they even put up a bridge deck on the edge of the water for people to lean on or sit on. The bridge deck looked so good; they ended up putting a few more around the lake.  The town had thought of everything.

 Edwin would be playing his guitar and singing as he walked among the crowd of people. There was to be dancing and singing all day and into the night. Yes, Tilda was very excited; not only was she going to be in the contest but she was going to be in one of the plays that would be performing that night. Tilda was going to be the beautiful Spellcaster in a play called “Fairyland Magic”.
Tilda smiles as she hears her name called and said to herself, I have to stop thinking about all of the plans that were made and how it has all come together.  She had blocked out all of the noise and laughter from all the people, now it was her turn ………….. She took a deep breath in and out, relaxed and smiled.  Keeping her left arm straight out with her bow, she pulled her right arm with all of her might letting the arrow fly.  The sound of the arrow hitting the target in the bull’s eye was everything that she had hoped it would be.  She turned and saw Edwin smiling at her, the winner.
Monica Merkel

I hope you will join us in the contest. Send a photo of your entry to

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Tilda’s Surprise!
by Cissy Teeter

It was a beautiful day in the Land of Magnolia! So beautiful that the Maggie's, Edwin, Alf, Alva and their trusty canine friend, Rufus are throwing a surprise party for their friend Tilda! Tilda is everyone's best friend in Magnolia Land and she helps everyone out with anything that they need help with. Her friends decided she needed a huge thank you party, and the whole Land thought so too.

Tilda did not have any idea that her friends were going to have a party for her. She was busy at home cleaning her cozy little cottage. She was also watching her angel of a baby sister, Tingla. Tilda loved her baby sister and they did everything together! Tingla loves going for walks and she loves flowers. She also loves playing with the butterflies that are always flying around the Land of Magnolia.

Alva phoned Tilda earlier in the day and asked her if she would like to have a lovely picnic lunch with her in the garden. Tilda, not knowing it was actually a set up for the surprise, happily agreed to the picnic! Tingla was happy too, because she loved the beautiful garden that Alva takes such great care of.

Edwind, Alf and Alva were decorating the flower garden with lovely decorations such as glitter and flowers and Alva made a gorgeous center piece from a pumpkin. Mrs. Butterfly came by and gave them some lovely flowers she had found flying around on the other side of Magnolia Land. The wonderful sunshine made the flowers and mushrooms look extra bright and happy!

While Tilda was on her way, Rufus was putting the finishing touches on the garden gate. Everything was in place and the whole Land of Magnolia was there for their dear friend Tilda. Rufus was told to keep watch for Tilda.

Edwind suddenly remembered how much Tilda loves snow. He had a magnolialicious idea! They could fill a pail full of daisy petals and as soon as Tilda walked though the garden gate, while everyone was shouting "SURPRISE!” they could throw the petals in the air to make it look like a beautiful snowfall! Everyone got busy putting the little daisy petals in the pail. The worms, Liam and Lia, helped carefully uproot the delicate flowers.

All of a sudden Rufus came running into the garden barking, Tilda was here! Everyone got into their positions and waited...

The garden gate opened and there stood Tilda. "SURPRISE!” shouted everyone. The daisy petals were thrown up into the air and they fell softly down on the ground, making it look like snow. Tilda was surprised and was so happy that she had such magnolialicious friends to throw her such an amazing party!



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I have been able to pre-order the whole FAIRYTALE COLLECTION so we are in for some surprises. You can now PRE-ORDER the new FAIRYTALE MAGNOLIAINK MAGAZINE. This beautiful card was created by one of our Design team, Claudia Rosa - #263 Prom Queen.

Isn't this is a gorgeous card! It was done by our Designer Mindy Baxter - #159  Bride with tiara and Groom.



As I look outside the window, watching the snow fall from the dark endless sky, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sadness. My grandmother is moments away from passing from this world into the next and the family has gathered to give her company and say their goodbyes. It isn’t right for these last moments of hers to have been spent indoors during this wicked cold.  She should have been able to spend her days outside in the garden that she so loved.
I remember spending many hours in that garden with her, when I was a child and I would come visit her during my summer vacation. She taught me all there was to know about the art of gardening. She would grow everything from pumpkins to strawberries and flowers to fruit trees. I remember squealing in horror as my fingers touched a wiggling worm when I was pulling out weeds one day and my grandmother gently explained to me the purpose each worm had to the overall health of her little patch of paradise. Worms didn’t frighten me so much after that.
My grandmother was also a great children’s author and I do believe that she found her inspiration for her stories within the confines of her garden. Her stories were about a magical land called “Magnolia” were tiny little people lived and played. The main characters in her story were a brother and sister named Edwin and Tilda. She described them as little angels the size of a large butterfly. Her stories were very popular and well loved by children and adults alike.  Tilda and Edwin would get into all kinds of mischief, not unlike regular children, the only difference was their small size and that they could fly with little angle-like wings.
According to her stories, the Land of Magnolia is a most wonderful and magical land. The flowers that live in this land are more vibrant then any flower on Earth, and they glitter and shimmer with their own inner light and the hummingbirds that drink from their nectar glow softly as a result.
The little bubbling brooks are filled with beautiful fish painted with every colour of the rainbow and the water’s edge and floor are lined with all sorts of precious stones including, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds instead of rocks.
Another mystical aspect of this land is that little Edwin and Tilda are able to communicate with all the tiny creatures that inhabit Magnolia. Their puppy “Rufus” is more like a friend to them, then a pet, as are many of the other animals of the land.
One of my favorite stories of hers was the one about Edwin when he tried to prove to Tilda that he was a much better cook then she was. He had discovered a giant mushroom patch and decided he would show off his cooking skills by producing a most delicious homemade mushroom soup. Luckily before he caused too much damage he learned that this was no ordinary patch of mushrooms, but rather a little elf village that housed new found friends Alf and Alva, who had many adventures of their own.
I smiled fondly at the memory and vowed to read each and every one of my grandmother’s books to my own children before they outgrew such tales.
“Catherine?” My mother whispered as she gently tugged me away from the window. “Mom wants to see you now.”
I silently made my way to my grandmother’s bedroom, leaned over and kissed her check. “Hello, Grandma.” I said quietly.
“Catherine,” she smiled sweetly “It’s time to let me go. I know you worry about me, but don’t you fret Catherine, my dear, for I won’t be alone.  My little Edwin and Tilda will be with me, I have been waiting a long time to see them and I am anxious to go.”
“Yes, grandma.” I said and frowned. I had so wished to have a meaningful goodbye, but it appeared as though her mind was slipping as well as her body. She was right about one thing though, I had been holding on to her. She had been sick for a long time now, but I was still unwilling to believe that my time with her was at an end.
“Don’t you frown Catherine, I’ll be just fine, you will understand.” she struggled to speak these last few words and pointed to her desk drawer, “In there is a key. Remember the little piece of my yard that is fenced off, near the back. The key unlocks the gate…” Her voice broke off, but I understood where she meant. I opened the drawer and picked up the key, but when I turned to thank her, she was already gone.
“Goodbye Grandma.” I whispered and stood there for several moments, tears streaming down my face, trying desperately to regain my composure before I went to tell the others that she had moved on.
            I slept restlessly that night and as soon as the sunshine hit my window the next morning I was up and dressed and heading outside; key in hand. The snow crunched beneath my feet as I made my way towards the little iron gate at the far back corner of my grandmother’s property. As a child I had never questioned why I was not allowed to play beyond the fence, I just assumed it was just a patch of grass that she didn’t want little feet to trample on.  When I opened the gate, however, I realized that I was entering a mini cemetery with only two small tombstones marking two small graves. As I approached the graves and read the markings upon them, I finally understood why my grandmother was so anxious to move on to the next world; for Edwin and Tilda were not just characters in her stories, but the children whom she had only known a day and longed to see again in heaven. I then realized that this garden was dearer to her then I could have ever imagined and it was at that moment, that I felt peace.  

Jenny Laszlo

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Day the Stamps Took a Stand

Looking out my window, I knew something had to be wrong.  I saw and fell the bright warm sunshine shining on my face.  While this is not uncommon for any morning, I felt it strange that there was snow on the ground on this warm August morning.  Chicago is known for its crazy weather and they say if you don’t like the weather, just wait for 10 minutes, it will change. In all of my life,  I have never known it to snow in August in Chicago.  Could I have slept through the rest of summer and fall? I know I was very exhausted when I went to bed but this really was strange. I rubbed my eyes and looked again.   While my garden was full of mushrooms and pumpkins,  I could see the worms peeking out from under the snow.  Over the garden gate, I could see the butterflies fluttering by….wait what was that?   As I peer out the window and strain my eyes to get a better  look,  I see it is a person.  No wait it is two people.  They are sitting on the bench in my yard.   They seem to be talking and laughing and having a jolly time.  Who are they and what are they doing here?  Are they friends of my sons?  Who let them in the yard?  I couldn’t contain my curiosity any longer.  I had to go and see who these people were and what they were doing here.
I rushed down the stairs and into the yard to where the strangers were sitting.  I asked them what they were doing in my yard.  “Denise I presume?” said the male person.  “Yes” I replied.  “Who are you and what are you doing in my yard?” “We have been waiting for you” said the girl.  “We are Tilda and Edwin from the land of Magnolia.”  I gasped when they said this because I didn’t recognize them from one of my favorite stamp collections.  I was totally embarrassed and taken aback.  “We had to come outside and get some fresh air” Tilda said.  “Yeah , said Edwin,  We got a bit cramped in that plastic box you store us in.  We haven’t seen the light of day in about six months. We wanted to let you know that we are not happy and we don’t know how much longer we can stand it.  We have heard the other stamps talking and we felt we had to warn you that they are planning a revolt.  They are insisting that you spend more time with them and your craft supplies or they are packing up and leaving.”   With that being said, they rose from the bench and fluttered off towards the sky. 
I sat down on the bench in awe of what I had just been told.  Has it really been that long since I have done anything with my crafts?  Have I neglected my hobby?  I returned to the house and sat at my computer.  I browsed the numerous emails I have received and came across one from Diana Crick.  She had come up with a contest using the words of the month in a story.   I can do this I thought.  I might even win a prize….of more craft and stamp stuff I can neglect.  I hope I do win, but I hope this contest has brought about my need and desire to be creative once again.

This wonderful story was written for the contest by Denise Holland

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Here are two more GORGEOUS St. Patrick's Day cards created by Patricia Garcia. Makes me wish I was


Happy St.Patrick's Day everyone. This delightful card was created by our mega- talented, Design Team Member, Cheryl Rowley.

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LAND OF MAGNOLIA - HONORABLE MENTION - Hannah Bailey, Barbara Connelly

Over the next few weeks I will share with you the stories and projects of the winners in the LAND OF MAGNOLIA contest.
Our first HONORABLE Mention story was written by our youngest contestant Hannah Bailey. She and her Grandma, Barbara Connelly worked on it together.  I asked Hannah to share a little something about herself.

My name is Hannah and I'm 12 years old.  I'm in 7th grade and I love to stamp!!!!!!   I live in South Carolina; I have a mom, a dad, and a brother(14).  At my middle school, my mom and I started a card club.  We have so much fun, and afterwords, we give the cards away to soldiers, kids in the hospital, and people in nursing homes.  When I stamp and make cards, I love to use Copic Markers!!  They are amazing, and I love them so much!!!! Another thing that I really like to do is knitting and crocheting.  It's really fun and I enjoy sitting in my room crocheting and listening to a radio show called Adventures In Odyssey!  Right now, I'm making a crib blanket for my baby cousin, Charlotte.  Also, as you can probably tell, I really like to write stories.  I always have trouble finding books to read at my age.  Either they are WAY too teenage(vampires and yucky stuff), or too young, so if I want to find the perfect book, I have to create it myself.  Thank you so much Mrs. Diana! 

     A Bake-Off in Magnolia Land

       There is a lovely little town in Scandinavia called Magnolia Land.  And in Magnolia Land lives a sweet young girl named Tilda.

       Tilda sat in her room and watched the sun rise.  When she heard her oven beeping she walked into the kitchen.  Tilda turned the oven off, took the cowberry muffins out, and set them on the counter to cool.  “Tilda, Tilda!  Muffins!”,  she heard her little sister Tingla call out from inside her nursery.  As tired as she was, Tilda got up from where she was resting and picked up Tingla.  “Come on my sweet little ANGEL, you can have one muffin, but no more, OK?”  Tilda said.

        “OK!”  Tingla said excited, but she took two anyway.  “Oh Tingla!  Those were for the meeting today!”  Tilda said, distressed.  “Oops,” giggled Tingla, putting one back.  “What meeting?”  Tingla asked, confused.  “We’re trying to come up with fundraiser ideas for the town!”  Tilda said.  “Can I come?  I want to eat the muffins!” Tingla asked.  “OK,  but maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to bring the muffins,” Tilda said thoughtfully.  “Why not?”  Tingla asked.  “Can you keep a secret Tingla?  I’m going to suggest we have a bake off to raise money, and I want to enter my secret recipe for the cowberry muffins.” Tingla looked confused, and wanted to know why the recipe was a secret.  “Well, a long time ago our Mormor# Backstrom created the first cowberry muffin.  She kept it secret for a long time, but finally passed it down through the family to us!  There are lots of other versions of the cowberry muffin, but we think ours is the best!  So do you promise to keep this a secret, Tingla?”  Tingla nodded, and off they went to the meeting.
# Mormor-Swedish word for Grandmother

        As they walked out the door into the SUNSHINE and through the GATE, they took in the beauty of the SNOW-capped mountains in the distance and smelled the fresh pine scent that hung in the air.  Tilda and Tingla took the scenic short cut through the park so they could enjoy the pretty flowers in the GARDEN.  The BUTTERFLIES swarmed around the flowers to gather nectar.

      As Tilda reached the Town Hall, Mayor Edwin came out and greeted them.
 “Come in, come in Tilda.  Everyone is ready to start the meeting!”  They all walked into the room, and sat down next to some of their friends from Magnolia Land.  The discussion turned to fundraising ideas, and Tilda stood up and presented her idea of a bake off.  Everyone seemed enthused by the idea, except for Annika.  Annika was never known as a good baker, and she was hoping for a fishing tournament.  In fact, she had already brought WORMS and fishing tackle for her presentation.  When the vote was taken, the bake off idea won by a land slide!  Everyone was anxious to get home and fine tune their special family recipes.

        The weeks passed with everyone in Magnolia Land baking up a storm!  There were cakes and cookies of every kind and lots of pies, too.  PUMPKIN pies seemed to be the favorite choice of many of the bakers, but there were even some savory recipes being tested.  MUSHROOM Quiche was Annika’s mother’s special recipe but Annika, not being a great baker, had never had much luck with it.  But she was giving it her best try this time and was hoping to take home a ribbon for her entry.

       Finally the day of the bake off arrived.  All the townspeople were there, many of them carrying their entries into the contest.  Alf and Alva greeted everyone at the door of the Town Hall and sold them ballots to vote for their favorite recipe.  Poor Rufus had to wait outside.  No dogs allowed!!

        The baked entries lined the table along one wall and what entries they were!  It was certainly going to be hard to pick a winner, thought Mayor Edwin to himself.  He called everyone to order and suggested that they begin tasting all the goodies, then the votes would be cast.  Tilda and Tingla waited anxiously, watching everyone’s face as they bit into the cowberry muffins.  Finally, there were only crumbs left and Mayor Edwin, Alf and Alva counted the ballots.  And the winner was…


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I am very excited to share the news...Monica Merkel is now our Resident Author. She will be writing tales about new Collections and the adventures of Tilda and Edwin.

A Story from Tilda’s Diary

The rain is making a pinging sound as it bounces off the window outside of Tilda’s kitchen. The weathermen had said rain for two days and now three days have passed without any sign of letting up. Tilda has become restless and she walks around her table for the umpteenth time. She has made pies, homemade jam that she put in her special lace jars. She was even thinking about making one of her special 3 layer cakes or cupcakes or muffins----anything to take her mind off of this rain. Stop, she said to herself if I keep this up, I’ll be as big as a house in no time. Tea, I’ll have a cup of tea she thought, I love tea.

As Tilda sits at her table drinking her tea, her eyes wander over to her hutch where she has placed some of her larger lace jars. Ah, they look so nice, blueberry jam and peach jam, who would she give them to? As she is thinking about this, she notices one of her drawers on the bottom is not closed all the way. She goes over to the hutch and tries to push it in, darn she thought, something must have gotten lodged behind it. She sits on the floor and pulls the drawer completely out and almost has to lay on the floor to look to see what is blocking it from closing. A book !! Tilda puts her arm all the way in and grabs the book, why it is my lost diary she thought. Putting the drawer back, she goes over to the table to finish her tea and starts to look through her diary.

Tears are now in Tilda’s eyes as she reads her diary. She had found what she wrote about her Easter last year with Edwin. The pages have become blurry from the moisture in her eyes and a single tear drops onto the page. Softly and lovingly she wiped the tear drop from the page as she read:

April 12, 2009

Dear Diary,

It is Easter Sunday and I am waiting for my best friend, Edwin to come and get me. We are going to the Easter parade and then an egg hunt . Edwin has already told me that he will get the biggest egg again this year!! We’ll see. I have to go now Dear Diary, he is here and he looks so cute, he has on his overhauls and is carrying an empty basket!! He is yelling for me now, so I have to go and I will write and tell you all about it when I get home. Signed Tilda.

Dear Diary,

I had such a wonderful day. Everything was perfect, just hope I’m not too tired to write it all down. When Edwin first saw me, he really laughed and said “Now Tilda, you’re really not going to wear that chicken outfit are you?” I kidded with him and told him I had a bunny one and he said no way—he told me to dress normal. We both laughed and I ran and changed.

All the things that we did Dear Diary, will be with me forever. I wore my pretty new dress with the apron and everyone said I looked beautiful. I forgot my basket, so I used my apron to hold the eggs I collected. At one point, Edwin said I looked pretty and put a flower in my hair too. Then all of a sudden, one of the eggs started to hatch and a new baby chick was born. Edwin took my picture, but my flower had fallen from my head and I was upset. Edwin told me not to worry; he would get me something else. I am glad I brought extra clothes with me, because there was an egg painting contest and I won Dear Diary, I won!! Then they had an egg hatching contest with large plastic egg like shells, we laughed and laughed and had so much fun. We played over by the lambs and Edwin told me that I looked like a shepherd. I think that was a good thing Dear Diary.

The day was coming to an end, the parade was exciting and I had so much fun. We all played games and climbed on the new spring fence that was built for the parade as the rooster chased us and we laughed and laughed. It was time to go home and Edwin told me to wait a minute and ran off in a hurry. When he came back, he gave me a spring bundle of flowers. “Happy Easter Tilda, this is for the flower that you lost from your hair” he said to me. Edwin is always full of surprises and guess what Dear Diary; he did find the biggest egg again this year! All the things that he does could never compare with how big his heart is. I am going to place one of my flowers here with you Dear Diary to keep it safe for me.

Good night Dear Diary, signed Tilda

Tilda was still holding the dried flower in her hand as she finished reading her Easter story. With a deep breath, she carefully replaced the flower in her diary and thought about how lucky she was to have Edwin in her life. She wipes away her last joyful tear and smiles.

The rain didn’t seem so bad now, maybe she would give Edwin a call and see if he wanted to come over and have some pie with her.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today's Award of Excellence goes to Lori Ng. I loved everything about Lori's card and how beautifully it all came together with great attention to detail. The flowers not only add color but dimension too as they encircle the card front. This is also one of my favorite card styles, the Easel card. Beautiful work Lori!