Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Terri won 4th prize in our Land of Magnolia contest with this incredible entry.

                                      Seasons in Magnolia

It’s morning in Magnolia. Tilda has woken early and tiptoes to the window. The sun is peeking over the garden, promising a beautiful day! Warm breezes are drifting through the sheer, white curtains and Tilda smiles. Today is the first day of summer! She thinks of all the fun she and her best friend in all the world, Edwin, are going to have! Today, they are meeting by the garden gate after breakfast and start the day! Summertime is beautiful in Magnolia... the garden dances with sweet flowers of all colors and sizes and butterflies flutter from bloom to bloom. The bright blue sky welcomes the children as they walk to the park. Edwin loves running and getting dirty, while Tilda enjoys gathering flowers or pretending to be a butterfly exploring the fragrant petals. They happily play side by side in the warm sunshine, Tilda picking her bouquets and Edwin digging in the soft dirt for wriggling worms! He loves to tease Tilda by chasing her with his latest catch, but she knows he is just teasing her! Each summer day brings something different! Sometimes they swim in the pond near the woods, enjoying the cool, clear water. Sometimes they swing lazily, dreaming of days to come and making up stories to entertain each other. And sometimes they explore the forest, picking an occasional mushroom or two and spotting different creatures that scamper quickly from view.  As the breezes grow chillier, Tilda knows it will soon be autumn! The leaves change into rich, beautiful outfits and they start to drift to the ground. The little ones have new ways to play now! They rake the leaves into a huge pile and jump! Edwin always jumps higher than Tilda, but she’s been practicing and may just beat him this year! The garden has changed, too. Bright oranges and yellows replace the pinks and purples as the pumpkins and squash ripen. Soon it will be time to choose their pumpkin for Halloween! It’s an important job to pick just the right one for carving!
Before long, the air becomes colder and snowflakes float from above! It’s winter! Magnolia becomes a magical wonderland as everything turns white with snow! The garden slumbers under a thick coat of snow, patiently waiting for spring... Tilda feeds the birds with crumbs left over from her morning toast and they chirp with pleasure at the yummy treat! Preparing for Christmas is the best part! A huge tree, glittering with lights of all colors, is decorated with tinsel and stars. Edwin climbs a ladder to add the beautiful angel and then the most important part, the nativity, is carefully arranged under the pine boughs. Then the fun begins! Wrapping presents! Edwin always shakes his gift, so Tilda is putting tiny jingle bells inside! Everyone will know when he is trying to peek! She giggles to herself as she ties the final bow! After the holidays, everyone starts wishing for spring! The children watch anxiously for the first signs, a purple crocus peeks through the snow and robins brave the weather to sing a sweet song. Soon the garden is a riot of color and Tilda and Edwin are back outside enjoying the sweet, fresh air. It’s spring! A time for new life and new hope. The chicks are hatching and little bunnies hop through the garden foliage. The sun glistens through bright, green leaves unfurling on the trees, leaving dancing shadows on the ground. And Tilda and Edwin begin their special project. They are able to know when someone outside of Magnolia is in need and they go to them on angel wings to offer encouragement and love. We may not be able to see them in our world, but they are here, symbols of happiness and hope for our future! And the seasons continue....

This book has a front and back cover with 6 inner pages. The pages are thick having layers of paper with embossed and scallop punched edges. The complete story has been written in the most beautiful "handwriting" and lovingly illustrated with our wonderful Tilda, Edwin and accessories. Sometimes things are popped up for dimension adding visual interest. The colouring is beyond belief. 

Terri, your story book is magnificent! I cannot wait until my granddaughter Sienna is old enough so I may read your wonderful story to her and have her appreciate the work that has gone into this project. Please know your book will remain in our family for generations to come. We will treasure it always and a piece of you will live on forever!


Jean said...

oh wow, what a great story. and the pictures that go along with it are so perfect.. Terri did an amazing job with this book and it is sure a treasure to be handed down from generation to generation. Thank you Diana for allowing everyone a chance to show that they have talent and we do have so many who have so much talent in them.
Hugs, Jean

Barb Hardeman said...

Awesome, AWESOME!! What an amazing job Terri has done not on the story only, but her illustrations using Tilda and Edwin are wonderful. This is just amazing!

Deborah said...

That would of taken quite a while to put together. Well done~!!

♥♥RubyM:)♥♥ said...

OH YEAH THAT IS MY FRIEND!! Guys i have had the honored and the priviledged to receive Teri's work.I have ALWAYS loved her ways.If you only could see more of her work you be in awe!!!

Teri beautiful work honey.I'm gonna sit down and grab me a cup of coffee and read the story.Im sure is a beautiful story as well.OH YEAH HER COLORING IS AWSOME!!!

Stampalicious said...

that`s just the cutest little book!! love it!!

Only By His Grace said...

Another incredible story.
Oh how I wish I could write like that.Terri, your description of things is amazing. what clever story tellers we have. I love the book and your beautiful coloured images. such a lot of work has gone into it. What a treasure.
Thank you Diana for the time to put this book on for us to share.
Hugs Marion (Australia)

paola said...

This si awesome, it may have inspired me to make some such lovely thing as i have small children, however i know that it would be a monumental task. Well done and the story is just beautiful, love how all the seasons were incorporated into the story.

Nancy said...

that is just simply spectacular...what a lovely story and I love how you stamped the images right onto the same page as if it were written like that...awesom and Congrats!!!!

monica said...

Excellent story and book!! I loved it, the story really held my interest and is so well written and the images go so well with each part of it. Can not believe you hand wrote it--the writing is perfect too. Your whole project is really awesome
Hugs Monica M

Cece said...

OMG!!!!!! This book is AMAZING!! I LOVE IT!! Is it published? Can we purchase it? You are truly very talented!! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That was an awesome story. Your very talented. Thank you for sharing.
Its wonderful, I to would like to know if this is published.

stampinglyn said...

What a lovely story. Your Magnolia images are coloured beautifully also. You are very creative!

Rosella said...

Diana, Sorry I lost your email address. Just wondering if you will be at the Abbostford Sewing and Craft Show tomorrow and Sat? Would love to see you there!!

Unknown said...

This is wonderful! Great job on the entire project.

cabio's craft corner said...

This story book is totally gorgeous!

Patti Jo said...

Wonderful story and enjoyed the lovely Tilda's along the way! Beautiful handwriting...Wow to have written the whole thing!!! Terrific job!!!

Candy said...

Your book is beautifully made. Your attention to detail and colouring is wonderful. I loved your story as it took us through an entire year and got the biggest kick out of Tilda putting jingle bells in all of Edwin's presents :o)
You were very brave to hand write the story as well and kudos to you for doing so.
Hugs, Candy

Amy said...

I loved your story as well as the beautifully colored Magnolias. I especially liked the scalloped edges on the book and the dedication page. Your backgrounds add so much. Wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

Diana, what a sweet precious message to Terri.
Terri-Your book is amazing. I love the illustrations. You put so much love into this book. How fitting that it would be something special for another child someday. Beautifully done Terri you should be very proud.
~Pam L.

Heidi Hihn said...

What a great job! This book is wonderful.