Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello Friends, It is my very great pleasure to share with you today the story and project created by Monica Merkel, the Grand Prize Winner in the LAND OF MAGNOLIA CONTEST held earlier this year. Before I explain and show you Monica's project enjoy her wonderful story.

Land of Magnolia, is it real or a place that we hold in our hearts? From childhood to adulthood, we go on searching and searching for such a land. A magical place, that brings happiness and joy for those who dare to enter.  Our dear Tilda’s and Edwin’s, dancing from the life we give them—colors and sparkles to make us giggly out loud. Visions in our heads of seeing Tilda in her garden, on her picnic quilt, basking in the sunshine with the birds and butterflies glowing around her. One can only wonder, what is she dreaming about?  Could it be about cooking in her kitchen? Sautéing those mushrooms on her stove, or making a pumpkin pie for the holidays? Yes, we wonder about all of this when in the distance we hear music playing. We can almost see Tilda sitting up a little more and gently brushing off the single butterfly that landed on her knee as she looks around.  Turning ever so slightly and seeing Edwin sitting on a log playing his guitar and tapping his foot. “Come on over” he yells to Tilda,” sing with me”.  She gets up, goes dancing through the gate and giggles as she sits on the pile of hay next to Edwin.
“What are you singing about Edwin”?  said Tilda.  “Ah, nothing much, just how happy I am” said Edwin. “Yeah”, said Tilda, “if you could be doing anything right now, what would it be”?  “I’m happy with you, BUT, if I had a second choice, I’d be down at the dock with my pole and pail of worm’s fishing.” said Edwin.  Edwin starts singing and playing the guitar and Tilda smiles, thinking she is his first choice.  She is really lucky to have such a good friend; they have done so, so many things together.  Tilda is thinking back to her school days with Edwin, their graduation, the safari trip in the bus, all the animals they saw—even that huge waterfall !!!  The Easter egg, how could she have forgotten about that?  Edwin was so excited and proud when he had his picture taken holding the biggest egg found in the egg hunt---ah, how was he to know it really was a goose egg?  Could it have been when Mother goose hissed at him and started chasing him?  She giggles in her head when she thinks of those lazy summer days in the water, even floating in that tube was fun----but eating those ice cream cones was the best. Even Halloween, now that was an adventure with Edwin. If only she could have gotten him to ride the magic broom, or eat that special mushroom that she made just for him-- sigh—maybe next year.  They sure were an odd sight—he with a green face and she with her green hair. Yep, she sure has done a lot with Edwin, even ice skating, throwing snowballs and making that snow angel in the snow. And on Christmas morning when Edwin snapped a picture of her sitting on the floor wrapping a present that she had forgotten to wrap.  A smile comes on Tilda’s face thinking of Edwin playing the bartender at the New Years’ party……….
“Hey Tilda” yells Edwin, “aren’t you gonna sing with me”?  “Yes” said Tilda giggling, but in her head she was thinking about all the new adventures to come in the Land of Magnolia.

The project consists of a "Chest of Drawers" and a series of "Story Plates" which are magnetized. The plate "sticks" to a magnetized easel on top of the chest, which folds down when not in use. There is also a huge selection of Tilda and Edwin images and accessory pieces which are also magnetized. You place these on the plate and create wonderful scenes that lead to a "story time" indeed. You can store the plates in the side cupboards and the images in the three drawers; packs away perfectly. Monica I can only imagine the hours of delight I will share with my granddaughter when she is a little older playing with Tilda and Edwin. You and your very talented husband, who you shared made the magical  chest of drawers, have created an heirloom  which our whole family will treasure for many years to come. Without further adieu ......the magic unfolds.












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Maureen said...

Wow Monica! What a wonderful project; so inventive of you and hubby to create an actual TOY from these uber-cute images!!! Inspired, brilliant, and way too cute! Congratulations on an award so well-deserved. I can't imagine the time and effort put into creating such a fantastic creation.

Rene said...

Wow! Fantastic and so inspiring! What beautiful creations...congratulations!! :)

Nancy said...

Monica, how very clever, and how wonderful that everything stores in the drawers, or in the side areas. Fabulous creation. I do hope your granddaughter appreciates this when she gets a little older. Bravo.

Jean said...

Monica, this is so stunning.. your work just gets better.. so beautiful, every page, every bit of the story was awe inspiring work.. your box is a work of art as is each and every card... great job girl.. you deserve the Grand Prize!!! WTG
Hugs, Jean

Barb Hardeman said...

This work is just stunning! What a wonderful story you wove, Monica, and so many story plates to match! It took so many hours to create this masterpiece and congratulations on winning the Grand Prize!!! This is just awesome!

Joanne said...

Awesome work,or is it really "work"? Looks like a lot of fun.Your "fun" is tremenda-licious.

Patti Jo said...

The story alone created pictures in my head and made me smile. Then to see all the story boards and fantastic place to keep them! So creative Monica (and hubby) and what a special keepsake for Diana and her granddaughter. Congratulations on a well-deserved first place Monica!!! What a wonderful treasure!!!

Lillian A said...

Oh, my, Monnie -- what time and love went into this absolutely gorgeous project. I have no doubt that you really earned the #1 prize, girl !! Your story is fabulous and you have all the "scenes" to reinforce it. Way to go, girlfriend !!
Smiles & Hugs to ya!

Angelwood said...

Congratulations, Monica! What a wonderful story-teller you are. I loved reading that story and your chest of drawers and story plates are brilliant! I love the sweet scenes you created. Amazing design. Wow! :) hugs, Angela

Danielle Champagne said...

Congratulations Monica! I was reading and imagining Tilda & Edwin, I could see the scenes. I enjoyed each and every bit of the story, but most of all it is such a pleasure for the eyes, all those little plates. Such an amazing project. Very very Lovely.
Maggie Hugs.

Charlotte said...

Monica, Congaratulations on first prize. You earned it girl. Great story telling and fabulous plates and chest to go along. All I can say is WOW!!!!

Christina C. said...

Monica, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your wonderful story and may I say that your project left me speechless!
What a labor of love! Masterful!!

Beth Devitt said...

A beautiful project. So much fun for a little girl to play with. I would've had a blast dreaming up neat stories and pretendings with this box of images.

Teri said...

Oh this is just such a lovely, lovely work of art!! Your story is so very imaginative and the story plates are awesome!!! Great, great job and so deserving of first place!! Enjoy, Diana!!

Jane H said...

wow! The work alone is amazing but the art work is just absolutely totally completely amazing!!!!!

Kathy Gerace said...

Everything is just beautiful! Your coloring is fantastic. The story is just too cute! Great Job.
Kathy Gerace

Cheryl said...

Wow! What a lot of amazing work! Love your story and your presentation!

Shazza said...

everything is just amazing x

Jane said...

What a great story and presentation! Absolutely wonderful! Congratulations on your well deserved first prize! Keep the stories coming.

♥♥RubyM:)♥♥ said...

CONGRAT's Monica!!! Wow what eye candy.I like every detail and the story is just beautiful.I would like to try this to give my little girl NAHHH for me lol!!! Great job,RubyM:)

cabio's craft corner said...

Cool details and sweet eye candy. It's so much fun checking them out! Thanks for sharing :o)

Carol Viégas Artes said...

Monica, amei todos esses. O trabalho de vocês é muito lindo e o blog também. Agora que sigo vocês, estarei sempre acompanhando as novidades.
Um grande beijo.
Carol Viégas

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