Friday, February 19, 2010


CHA finished up on the Wednesday afternoon. At 4am Thursday we began the journey to Frankfurt. We flew Anaheim, to Seattle, to Paris to Frankfurt, Germany. It was now 11am Friday. We checked into the hotel, very nice room but funnily two 3/4 size beds with the most enormous, flat, feather pillows I have ever seen. I swear they were 3 feet x 3 We met Kitty Franken, our Dutch interpreter at the hotel. Kitty does a lot of tutorials for Scor-Pal and it is was neat to finally meet her. After we had all unpacked we took a taxi to the Convention area. It was HUGE about 10 buildings, double and triple storied. Luckily Roy had the info as to which building was ours. Duh, we had brought the wrong section of the pass we needed so Roy had to go back to the hotel. Off we went to find our booth and did the set up.



Kitty Franken on the right (Dutch), Isabelle Weber (German) and myself.
Thank goodness Isabelle in particular was with us as we certainly needed someone who knew the German language. She brought many "important" people to meet us and we made valuable contacts.
Kitty was an excellent demonstrator, very outgoing and approachable. Both were lovely people!!!

The show was very unlike CHA. The attendance was much larger than CHA was about 85% men in "suits". That is what they are called...."suits" and usually high up in the company organization.

From what I could see only two booths showed rubber stamps. We were on the Creative Floor and Paperworld itself was in two buildings, all 2-3 floors. There were a lot of companies selling art supplies, high quality paints and brushes. Here are some photos of the other booths, all very professional, no curtains dividing booths like CHA all solid walls.

As you can see very modern...

This booth was selling very high end pen sets and leather portfolios....

A whole floor was devoted to companies selling back packs, Hannah Montana and other American theme items.

Scrapbooking supplies, beautiful paper...

Rahyer, a huge distributor...

Looking down one of the aisles...

It was very cold and snowed each day, apparently very unusual for Frankfurt...

The show ran from Saturday to Tuesday. Wednesday we were up very early and began the grueling journey home. Thank goodness we had enough air mile points to fly Business Class. We flew Frankfurt to Paris, to Houston, to Seattle to Vancouver, 24 hours 18 of it in the air.  It took me more than a week to recover! I hope you have enjoyed the photos.


Eulanda said...

Wow this looks very professional and almost intimidating!! Looks like your trip was a good one and filled with lots of great experiences. Good for you! Nice to see a picture of both you and Roy!!

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. So fun to see how they set up in Frankfurt.

Candy said...

Wow - all very professional looking. AND as you say very modern. Your booth looked wonderful. I am happy to hear your two friends did so well for you there. That is an awful long flight, Diana. Between it and being on your feet everyday for 2 weeks no wonder it took you so long to recover. I hope both events were very good for you.
Love Candy

Sharon Caudle said...

Wow!!! Beautiful looking show, Diana! I'm extremely impressed! Fantastic pics! Thanks for sharing with us! hugs!

Susan Lankford said...

Thanks for the pix...fascinating!

Gina K said...

Holy cow, sounds busy!!! Gina L

Anonymous said...

Diana, thanks for giving us an insight into your exciting life! I guess I will just have to live through you as I sit here in good ole' Alabama. LOL! Wow! Just think how amazing your life is! Can you speak more than one language? You amaze me!

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