Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello everyone,
I have a terrible cold at the moment. My dear granddaughter gave it to me! I had a dental appointment today and they wouldn't see because of it. I was a bit bummed, they wear masks and gloves. I crawled out of bed to go as wehave had to re schedule this appointment 3 times for some reason or another.

We leave for CHA on Friday. My friend Donna, who is helping me, will get all the orders packed tomorrow for shipping on Friday. I know Magnolia Sweden is ready to announce the next Collection but they are having major computer problems. If it is released while I am away I will try to get the images in the store for Pre-Orders.

I had so much fun visiting the blogs of the Design Team. Were their creations not amazing? Now that the hop is over I thought you might like to see all of the cards in one place.

Becca Feeken

Cheryl Rowley

Jacqueline Beddingfield

Sharon Caudle

Suzanne Dean

Kerry Donovan Casey

Enjoy the wonderful cards from our extraordinary Design Team.


charlene said...

Diana I am sorry to hear you are sick just before leaving for CHA and Germany that is not fun at all ! The DT has done a fantastic job once again. I think you have the best team in Blogland. Have a great trip and hope you are better real soon.

Eulanda said...

Oh so sorry you are sick and I hope you are feeling a lot better by the time Friday gets here. I agree the DT creations WERE amazing! I will definitely be joining in the challenge soon!

Julie said...

Gorgeous cards!!!

Gina K said...

Thanks for posting all of the DT's cards together...it was fun and inspiring to look at them again. Sorry to hear that you have a cold, though! YUCK. I hope you get over it soon...there's nothing worse than being sick when you are supposed to be having fun at places like CHA! - Gina L

Candy said...

Oh Diana,
I am so sorry you have a bad cold and had to miss your dental appointment as well :o( It is awful to be sick when you are travelling. I feel so bad.....
The Blog hop was so much fun and your DT is THE BEST ONE AROUND!! Their cards are all wonderful.
Love and take care, Candy

Nancy said...

now that's what I'm talking about. Look at all of that eye candy there. Wonderful job ladies. I loved every single card.

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

So sorry to hear that you're sick when you're off to CHA & abroad. Sure hope & pray that all is well by now. Have a great trip. And I have to agree.......the DT did a fabulous job on this blog hop! Fabulous!!!
Huggies ~
Sharron ♥

Lena said...

Diana, this cards are lovely. The DT did a fabulous job on this blog hop! Fabulous!!! Hugsss,

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous gorgeous cards girls! Diana I hope you are having a wonderful trip!S glad to see you have a blog!

Gail said...

o my i love all the art here..

i looove my magnolias.
i need help with one tho.
ut's tilda rolling out pie dough. 1/2 body..i can't seem to work with it..the table i bought for her doesn't work..i have drawn my own table ..lol..but still have never seen this image used..any help? please.
tfs all the beautifull tilda here..what inspiration..loves ya